Besides Security Operations, METMOX provide Network Operation Services [NOC] to monitor infrastructure health, security and capacity, and make decisions and adjustments to ensure optimal network performance and organizational productivity. Our Dedicated team at NOC analyze problems, perform troubleshooting, communicate with site technicians and other NOCs, and track problems through resolution.

Primary responsibilities of NOC personnel at METMOX include

  • Network Monitoring
  • Incident Response
  • Communications Management
  • Reporting Problems

Network Monitoring

METMOX brings real time monitoring for equipment's which not only brings in real time view of equipment's up and down but also brings in powerful information on equipment's/circuits performance which helps organizations on Capacity management, Configuration management etc

For capacity management, automatic threshold alerts will be set on the devices viz CPU and memory utilization, similarly on circuits automatic thresholds should be setup on bandwidth utilization as well as analysis can be made on the basis of Netflow data. Using Netflow data, we can apply on demand CoS/QoS parameters so that appropriate applications get the desired bandwidth as well as priority over the not so critical applications.

  • Provide and implement Network monitoring processes and / or tools to obtain required information.
  • Use automated system Software tools and / or procedures to proactively monitor, manage and report on equipment's performance.
  • Measure and analyze equipment's availability and performance.
  • Provide options to optimize Network performance.
  • Implement Client-approved optimization strategy.
  • Perform proactive fault detection and diagnostic procedures.
  • Implement approved configuration changes.
  • Report usage and bandwidth capacity.
  • Monitor and manage telecommunications circuits and Equipment.

Incident Response

Monitoring device will be configured to create alert when a device goes down. NOC analyst starts working on the incident in 5 Min (according to severity) and create a ticket INC in Service-now. NOC analyst reaches the End user or Onsite person or DSS person who is available and update the ticket with required details. This avoids FALSE POSITIVE tickets to be created. If NOC analyst is not able to resolve the ticket in 15 min the ticket will be escalated to Tier2 Senior Analyst and the resource will be working on this and providing an update or escalate to NOC manager if this is not resolved in 4 hours.

When a ticket is created, NOC analyst will initiate an email / SMS / Phone communication to Whirlpool management. Additionally METMOX will be sending a daily email with number of ticket created with status. This daily email will have the recommendations and tickets which need to be discussed on daily calls.

Communications Management / Reporting Problems

Communication is one of the most crucial aspects in the success of project(s). METMOX will have multi-tier reporting structure and will present the following communication reports:

Weekly Status Review: Operational Focus on term priorities, risk/ issues, project progress, integration, planned activities for next week. In2IT delivery manager will share weekly status review ahead of the meeting

Monthly Review Meeting: Tactical, will focus on quantitative project performance, milestone review, any critical/ escalated issues. Status Reports/ metrics and dashboards will be shared ahead of this review.

Quarterly Business Review Meeting: Strategic, Engagement Health- SLAs, Learning and Best Practices, Achievements and Key value adds, Current Ability and Improvement area, Progress on last QBR action item.

All Alerts/ incidents will be documented and provided to customer as a daily email. Weekly report will be prepared with additional details required by the customer such as bandwidth utilization or ticket ageing categories. Monthly report will be provided showing the performance of the team, tickets handled, adding problems/ changed happened in customer environment.

Performance metrics are shared on weekly and monthly basis through email consisting of Number, types & aging of the tickets, network utilization, Upcoming priorities, risk/ issues, project progress, integration, planned activities.

Network Operations by METMOX are responsible for the operational monitoring of infrastructure and services. We identify, investigate, prioritize and escalate/resolve issues that could, or do, effect performance or availability. METMOX NOC operations make sure that service level agreements (SLAs) are met and manage incidents in a way that reduces downtime.

METMOX has skilled professionals for performing Network operations and provide timely recommendations and proactively work for having the Organization Network protected from both internal and external threats.