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Cyber Security Service provider

Metmox is a leading Cyber Security Service provider with a wide array of offerings in cyber security domain and managed services which help firms reduce risk, ensure compliance and secure sensitive data and systems across all platforms. Cyber threats are capable of Productivity Loss and Downtime of business.

A Security Operation Centre (SOC) is the operational element to provide increased security and rapid response to events throughout the Organization networks. SOC is a centralized functional unit where security threats are monitored, analyzed and remediated. Network Operation Centre [NOC] primarily deals with administrative supervision, monitoring and maintaining telecommunications network. METMOX aims to provide proficient Security and Network Services to the clients with well-trained security professionals and advanced tools through Security Operations Centers.

Businesses which depend on Internet transactions and data exchange are extremely vulnerable for Security threats from sources that are constantly looking to acquire information in an unauthorized manner.

Security and Network operations

The most Challenging decision for an IT Manager is to decide whether to create a dedicated infrastructure for security or to outsource security. METMOX with its proven ability to provide end to end Security and Network services is the solution. From complete Security assessments to integrated solution design for both infrastructure and services METMOX can help you in each phase of this drive.

METMOX is uniquely positioned in undertaking comprehensive Security and Network operations with its out sourcing model using its Global Security Operations Center has heavily invested in technology and manpower to support large to medium scale operations. METMOX currently manages Security and Network for large multinational Corporations which depend on METMOX to provide assessments, monitoring and resolving network security threats to precise standards held in place by fixed SLAs.


Vulnerability Assessment

Identify & Remediate Vulnerabilities. Perform Internal & External scans on a quarterly basis. Finding & fixing application security Vulnerabilities. Consistently reporting High-level risks to ensure a fair and consistent compliance rating.

  • i. Assess: Identify Organization wide assets and analyze them for granular Vulnerabilities. and rate them according to technical severity.
  • ii. Repair: Fix identified vulnerabilities. Recommend multiple patches and upgrades accordingly.
  • iii. Report: Document assessment and remediation details, and submit compliance reports.

Internal Penetration

Provides protection from internal threats and ensures that internal user privileges cannot be misused. It is recommended that testing be performed on the internal network or critical systems and user network to identify poor access controls which help to mitigate the impact of a malicious or disgruntled employee.

External Pentest

Objective is to address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. Take on the role of an external attacker, and attempt to exploit vulnerable systems to obtain confidential information, compromise the network perimeter & to demonstrate the potential impact of a successful compromise.

Security Audits

Security Audits

Security Audits are crucial for the organizations to evaluate the company’s information system such that they meet a set of globally recognized standards.

As audits include assessment of security of system's physical configuration and environment, software, information handling processes, and user practices.

METMOX key Practices

  • Follows policies and standards to meet audit standards.
  • Offers operations for client projects which meet ISO 27001 standards.
  • Participate and help our clients perform successful security audits by providing all the evidences, qualified professionals, implementing physical and logical access controls.

METMOX participates in software and financial audits and has been implementing all the actions according to audit standards. METMOX has some of the most experienced and qualified professionals whose services and knowledge in audits earn clients in acquisition and merging of other organizations which makes clients grow their business and reputation.

METMOX respects client business and time and leverage all the requirements such as use of best technologies, dedicated teams, trusted infrastructure, quality services and effective operations. We uphold high trust with clients without ever compromising the fundamentals of delivering quality service.

Security Analysis

Effective and Efficient analysis of Security Events

Effective and Efficient analysis of Security Events results in detection and applying corrective actions against malicious or suspicious activities in the organization. Timely analysis and Reports help clients to understand the security threats or activities in the network and plan and implement corrective measures.

METMOX skilled professionals analyze security Evens which is collected from SIEM tools implemented by organizations [Qradar, Splunk].We provide L1, L2 and L3 analysis to Events. We work on finding root causes and use our intelligence to deliver solutions to all critical problems. Processes adopted by us assures client that No criticalities are missed and we SLA’s are met.

Security Event Analysis benefits client’s organizations as Real-time logs are analyzed, threat logs are detected and due analysis is performed and prompt actions are taken. METMOX have a good record of providing efficient and worth full analysis to clients which help in tuning the policies and getting protected from external threats such as Malwares, Ransom wares, Botnets, Zero-day attacks and internal malicious flow such as unauthorized access issues, user activities monitoring. We collaborate with required internal departments in the organization and inform our findings and work on the suggested recommendations.

Reports from SIEM and other sources are scheduled and worked daily by Analysts to make sure that no critical events are gone unnoticed. Reports with detailed analysis and Metrics are provided by METMOX to the technical teams and Client Management.

Security Intelligence

Provides actionable and comprehensive insight that reduces risk and operational effort for any organization. Briefing of one or more vulnerabilities/threats/malicious activities and staying current with daily Threats. Cyber intelligence report covers risk and impact level for the organization. Also, focuses on the impacted assets and reporting to the owner with mitigation details. All the reports are prepared under three stages.

  • Collect & analyse data
  • Calculate the risk and impact analysis based on the assets
  • Verify and publish.

The report is prepared based on the feeds from IT vendors, IT security agencies and companies across the world.

Splunk Development

Metmox has Wide range of expertise on Splunk Web Framework. We have experienced Splunk developers who create dashboards and Splunk apps with tables, charts, forms searches, and other functionality. Metmox also has experience in deploying Splunk forwarders. Security teams quickly detect and respond to internal and external attacks to simplify threat management while minimizing risk and safeguarding client. Metmox also perform real time monitoring on events generated to get a clear visual picture of the organization’s security posture. SOC teams are expertise in creating manual reports, scheduling reports, generating reports using search commands.

Security Operations (SOC)
Metmox Global Security Operations

Metmox Global Security Operations center will be part of the first line of defense against any kind of security threats for Enterprises allowing them to remain vigilant to the state of security within their environments. GSOC offer real-time, comprehensive protection from known and emerging threats, enabling business to minimize risk and strengthen their security posture. SOC adds immense value to businesses.

Security features in GSOC include protection for physical security, such as using biometric access devices and confirming visitor’s identity, as well as protection for infrastructure, such as fire and power protection and facilities which include data backup systems.

Given the exposure to business operations connected as it were, threat sensitivity and intelligence backed by robust technical infrastructure and methodologies, operated by extremely skilled resources constitutes a security system which is quite challenging to set up and maintain. The SOC help our clients to achieve compliance and reduce overall security risk by providing a platform, where all the information from client’s security infrastructure, including security devices, host security solutions, databases and content monitoring solutions are aggregated, normalized and correlated to detect and monitor security incidents.

Our Approach

METMOX’s follows a platform independent approach. We rely on the strength of our knowledge and experience to develop a security strategy that is platform independent. We have the capability to counter threats using open source platforms as effectively as we can use commercial scanning tools.

Our Value

METMOX takes pride and pleasure in surprising Clients with the effectiveness of security strategy rather than throwing reports. Metmox understands that you depend on us to provide strategic, operational and logistical support and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our track record is something that we cherish and strive to live up to. We empower our Clients with the knowledge of how to assess and plan for remediation. Our objective is to make Clients comfortable with their reliance on us and assurance which empowers them to continue their operations efficiently without the fear of unknown.

Our Services

Security Event Management & Incident Handling

The mission of Metmox Global Security Operation Center

The mission of Metmox Global Security Operation Center is to provide best practices in information security domain. Good security strategies include real-time event log monitoring for critical security incidents and periodic analysis of security-relevant logs. Logs help in fighting against dangers by offering real-time alerts, they provide system troubleshooting or forensic evidence post a security breach, and many compliance standards insist that logs should be archived and managed. GSOC offers strong security practices by maintaining SIEM which provides a deeper visibility into logs to enhance the organizations security posture. We log data from many sources to SIEM such as syslog’s, systems, routers and firewalls which provide a high level security to the networks of a client.

We implement and maintain several industry standard SIEM tools and platforms which excels at collecting, correlating and reporting on unusual network activities. With SIEM, we will have the ability to monitor threats at various levels in the network which may include potential damages in future. Managing various events within the network with regards to policy compliance, advanced threat management are a part of an integrated system in SIEM which benefit our clients immensely.

Phishing Investigation

Phishing, the act of stealing personal information via the internet for the purpose of committing financial fraud and information theft has become a significant criminal activity on the internet. The environment around any organization requires protection in a precise way and a strategy which guards its financial and confidential information.

GSOC at Metmox pushed a step forward and bracketed the phishing aspect concisely with classification as follows:

  • Deceptive Phishing.
  • Malware-Based Phishing
  • Key-loggers and Screen-loggers
  • Session Hijacking
  • Web Trojans

At METMOX software solutions, phishing aspect is dealt in such a reactive manner where primarily spam emails and phishing emails are filtered out before they hit their destinations. The firewall configurations and policies are revised and reconfigured time to time with latest cyber threat exclusions and intrusion prevention activities included in the abort list.

Phishing Attempt Mitigation

Successful Phishing Attempt Mitigation

Times when phishing hits our targets and an intense situation occurs, METMOX performs an in-depth investigation on the email headers, content and metadata to identify threat activity on the network, magnitude and sensitivity of threat along with data loss risk analysis. This unique method of our investigation guides us in taking the most appropriate action to mitigate the threat before it spreads.

Ransomware Control

Ransomware Control

Ransomware attacks poses the biggest challenge for the Cyber world and significantly affects availability and confidentiality of data which results in a huge loss to the reputation and revenue of an organization. Intruders have established ransomware as a money making business. It’s been a big task for the companies to secure data from Ransomware attacks. METMOX as a Security Service provider adopt processes which notifies client for the new ransomware variants in the cyber world, recommend the countermeasures, policies to be implemented and actions to be taken which ensures that the client’s infrastructure remains unaffected by Ransomware threats. We are concerned of client security and business and would avoid our client infrastructure falling prey to the huge ransoms demanded by intruder in exchange of the data.

We use our knowledge and skills to perform analysis on the Ransomwares that are newly discovered and perform risk assessments on the infrastructure and provide the most effective solution to deal with each challenge that comes with each threat vector and variant.

Metmox ensures the safety of Client data and would have a bird’s eye view for external threats which includes Ransomwares.

Vulnerability Management

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in a system or network. Vulnerability Management is adapted by SOC, provides recommendations that maximize the protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability while still providing functionality and usability to SOC, we have sophisticated technologies that are set up to identify vulnerabilities and counter them before a threat has materialized and that is of paramount importance. These assessments can be scheduled on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis to give you the confidence that your information is secure.

Malware Threat Management

Malware Threat Management

Malware attacks are the most common in cyber security world which compromises the CIA triad of Security. In ongoing WAR against Malware threats, running simple virus scans are not enough to secure your systems from malware attacks. To reduce risk of Data loss and Protect against malicious activity, organizations need a comprehensive approach to deliver the highest levels of security and management.

METMOX SOC offers a Comprehensive Strategy and a dedicated process to identify Malware threats and prevent dreadful attacks on your network. We improve network performance of an infrastructure which increase productivity of investments on infrastructure.

Certificate Management

Managing SSL certificate is critical in securing devices which are connected to the Internet. SSL certificate encrypts the data exposed externally and makes it available to authorized users, also helps in authenticating the servers. METMOX implements efficient processes to monitor and manage your certificates within the infrastructure. Organizations should gain trust of users availing their products or services for an effective business. Our SSL Certificate Management expertise is a catalyst in building trust between users and organizations.

Certificate Management

Threat Protection strategy

Without access to the latest security intelligence, organizations may leave their most critical business data exposed to hackers or malware without ever knowing that a threat exist. Security Operations at METMOX understand the new Vulnerabilities and emerging threats and performs risk assessments on client infrastructure and recommends the action to protect the client business. We provide timely reports and update the organizations by using Google Dorks and Shodan Reports. Our proactive approach shields the client environment from most of the newly discovered vulnerabilities and threat vectors.

Metmox Proactive Approach on Security Operations

“Prevention is better than Cure”.

In Information Security Terminology, above is implied by being proactive in Operations besides being reactive.

Metmox Security Team works 24*7 and puts efforts on Proactive and reactive basis to secure Clients Environment. We work proactively on areas such as Malware control, Threat Management, Dealing with Vulnerabilities, Incident Management. We develop various Processes to achieve the goal of preventing of CIA triad on our client Infrastructure.

Metmox Professionals are well trained in all the areas such that they are capable of foreseeing most of the potential threats to clients based on their analysis and knowledge and come up with Proactive working to defend the threats. We work for:

  • Providing Cost-benefit Processes to reduce the threats to client Environment.
  • Upgrading Skills and Knowledge.
  • Providing Proactive Services to the most extent Possible.
  • Performing Reactive Operations Effectively.

We proactively monitor, recommend and perform appropriate actions to reduce the vulnerability of Client Environment to emerging threats in Cyber World.

Network Operations (NOC)
METMOX provide Network Operation Services

Besides Security Operations, METMOX provide Network Operation Services [NOC] to monitor infrastructure health, security and capacity, and make decisions and adjustments to ensure optimal network performance and organizational productivity. Our Dedicated team at NOC analyze problems, perform troubleshooting, communicate with site technicians and other NOCs, and track problems through resolution.

Primary responsibilities of NOC personnel at METMOX include

  • Network Monitoring
  • Incident Response
  • Communications Management
  • Reporting Problems

Network Monitoring

METMOX brings real time monitoring for equipment's which not only brings in real time view of equipment's up and down but also brings in powerful information on equipment's/circuits performance which helps organizations on Capacity management, Configuration management etc

For capacity management, automatic threshold alerts will be set on the devices viz CPU and memory utilization, similarly on circuits automatic thresholds should be setup on bandwidth utilization as well as analysis can be made on the basis of Netflow data. Using Netflow data, we can apply on demand CoS/QoS parameters so that appropriate applications get the desired bandwidth as well as priority over the not so critical applications.

  • Provide and implement Network monitoring processes and / or tools to obtain required information.
  • Use automated system Software tools and / or procedures to proactively monitor, manage and report on equipment's performance.
  • Measure and analyze equipment's availability and performance.
  • Provide options to optimize Network performance.
  • Implement Client-approved optimization strategy.
  • Perform proactive fault detection and diagnostic procedures.
  • Implement approved configuration changes.
  • Report usage and bandwidth capacity.
  • Monitor and manage telecommunications circuits and Equipment.

Incident Response

Monitoring device will be configured to create alert when a device goes down. NOC analyst starts working on the incident in 5 Min (according to severity) and create a ticket INC in Service-now. NOC analyst reaches the End user or Onsite person or DSS person who is available and update the ticket with required details. This avoids FALSE POSITIVE tickets to be created. If NOC analyst is not able to resolve the ticket in 15 min the ticket will be escalated to Tier2 Senior Analyst and the resource will be working on this and providing an update or escalate to NOC manager if this is not resolved in 4 hours.

When a ticket is created, NOC analyst will initiate an email / SMS / Phone communication to Whirlpool management. Additionally METMOX will be sending a daily email with number of ticket created with status. This daily email will have the recommendations and tickets which need to be discussed on daily calls.

Communications Management / Reporting Problems

Communication is one of the most crucial aspects in the success of project(s). METMOX will have multi-tier reporting structure and will present the following communication reports:

Weekly Status Review: Operational Focus on term priorities, risk/ issues, project progress, integration, planned activities for next week. In2IT delivery manager will share weekly status review ahead of the meeting

Monthly Review Meeting: Tactical, will focus on quantitative project performance, milestone review, any critical/ escalated issues. Status Reports/ metrics and dashboards will be shared ahead of this review.

Quarterly Business Review Meeting: Strategic, Engagement Health- SLAs, Learning and Best Practices, Achievements and Key value adds, Current Ability and Improvement area, Progress on last QBR action item.

All Alerts/ incidents will be documented and provided to customer as a daily email. Weekly report will be prepared with additional details required by the customer such as bandwidth utilization or ticket ageing categories. Monthly report will be provided showing the performance of the team, tickets handled, adding problems/ changed happened in customer environment.

Performance metrics are shared on weekly and monthly basis through email consisting of Number, types & aging of the tickets, network utilization, Upcoming priorities, risk/ issues, project progress, integration, planned activities.

Network Operations by METMOX are responsible for the operational monitoring of infrastructure and services. We identify, investigate, prioritize and escalate/resolve issues that could, or do, effect performance or availability. METMOX NOC operations make sure that service level agreements (SLAs) are met and manage incidents in a way that reduces downtime.

METMOX has skilled professionals for performing Network operations and provide timely recommendations and proactively work for having the Organization Network protected from both internal and external threats.